B/704,SHREENATH DARSHAN,FACTORY LANE,BORIVLI (W),MUMBAI-400092-MAHARASHTRA-INDIA TEL NO.+91-22-28983150-FAX-+91-22-28983150, CELL- +91 9869053422

ANU SYNTH CHEM IND manufactturing plant is located at KUNDAIM-GOA, Backward State of India about 700 km from MUMBAI.It is one of the largest DOMESTIC SPECIALITY CHEMICAL PRODUCT Manufacturer in peninsular of GOA.The plant commenced production in the year  2002, with a production capacity of 500kg. per Day and now it's manuf. about 2000 kg per Day.


The plant is totally self-sufficent and provides its own utility of genrated Electric Power, DM Plant, Treated water cooling Tower with circulation pumps and Thermic Fluid Heater. The quality assurance system consist of State of Art equipments for the testing of Chemical,Physical, Mechenical, Thermal,and Enviromental properties of Specialiyt product, Liquid,Resins, cast resins, Adheisves,and Laminates, spefically Laboratory equipment consist of a computerized Universal Testing Machine (CUTM), a HDT, a Brookfield Viscosity Meter,Mpt/Bpt Apperatus,an Electric Oven,Electronic Balances and Wet Analysis Kit (WAK), Major product lines manufactured in seperate reactor/Blender equipment.





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To ensure quality speciality product, our quality control begins with testing the raw materials for complaince before being accepted for production. Each batch is manufactured in seperate automated stainless steel reactor vessels using state of art technology.All raw materials are received by ISO certified companies, tested and approved before use. The raw materials are charged into the ractors and the process is periodically monitored for process parameters like temperature, and pressure by experienced chemists and technicians wih the help of elctronic hardware. Every batch/grade undergoes a strict process test in the laboratory and must confirm to our high quality standards and specifications before being approved for deliver and shipment.



Anu Synth Chem Ind current business by improving existing products and also developing newer products for new business venture opportunities leads from exploring and analysing the nature of basic materials, actual pilot-plant manufaturing and testing of products with the assitance of in house technicians and consukltants from renowned institutions like Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) and University Department of Chemical Technology (UDCT) our Research and Devlopment activities are conducted by exprienced technologies and whose goals are to develop new product so as to benefit our customers.

We have supplied tailor made products to a number of companies both domestically as well as internationally. If your company has a specific requirement please contact us.

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